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TNDT Policy

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1. Policy for Fair Operating Practices

3. Policy for Respect for Human Rights and Fair Labour Practice

4. Policy for Employee's Remuneration and Welfare

5. Policy for Human Resources Development

6. Policy for Succession Planning

7. Policy for Conflict of Interest Insiders Information Prevention

8. Policy for Intellectual Properties or Copyrights

9. Policy for Clues Complains Comments or Suggestions and Defend the appellants

10. Policy for Customer

11. Policy for Trading Partner

12. Policy for Competitors

13. Policy for Creditors

14. Policy for Product Owners, Suppliers or Distributors

15. Policy for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

16. Policy for Environment

17. Policy for Taking a Position in the Listed Company and the Subsidiaries which is not a Listed Company

18. Policy for Tenure of the Directors

19. Policy for Development for Directors

20. Policy for Remuneration of Directors CEO Executives


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